The Hire Industry Is Unique

Enable your managers to increase team productivity


Improve the effectiveness of your sales teams


Increase the profitability of your key accounts

The Hire Industry Is Unique

Enable your managers to increase team productivity


Improve the effectiveness of your sales teams


Increase the profitability of your key accounts

“Every industry sector has it’s own characteristics but the hire sector is truly unique. The difference between selling a product or service and hiring is a concept that some are unable to grasp. For those that do the industry is exciting, fast paced and challenges their skills every day.

We are also unique.

I have personally implemented the tools and skills we use in our training programmes to achieve outstanding results as Sales and Marketing Director of one of the UK’s leading hire companies.”

Steve Reeve – Managing Director

The “oustanding results” Steve refers to include reversing the five year decline of a key product in six months and then growing that product by 60% over the following two years, improving conversion ratios from less than one in three to greater than one in two and more than doubling field sales activity.

If you would like to find out if those achievements can be replicated in your business please call us on 02392 007025.

Our work is predominantly in three key areas:


In an environment where customer demands change quickly and regularly, managers need to be adept at engaging their teams and getting the best out of them whatever the circumstances.

Sales Teams

Whether it’s a discussion on a cold, wet site or a more formal meeting with a professional buyer, we develop sales skills to ensure increased success.

Account Management

From an initial visit to a potential key account and then through the sales and negotiation process to contract roll out, it is critical that the Account Manager creates value for both the client and the business.

Our training ensures managers:


  • Behave as leaders
  • Build confidence in their team
  • Improve the motivation of their team
  • Increase productivity

Our training ensures salespeople:


  • Understand and apply best practise
  • Continuously analyse their performance
  • Better understand customers
  • Increase revenue

Our training ensures account managers:


  • Fully understand all elements of the account
  • Clearly define account strategies
  • Measure the strength of the relationship
  • Maximise the revenue potential of the account

If you’d like more information then please call us onĀ 02392 007025 we can explain more in a short conversation than can be learned from several hours of online exploration.

The programme Steve designed and delivered to our staff was the most successful in my 6 years as National Sales Manager. The 15% uplift in company performance was due to his innovative content and impactful style. Even our most experienced and cynical staff bought into the attitudes, concepts and skill improvements presented. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a sales or management trainer. SB

National Sales Manager

An enjoyable and thought provoking course which I thought was very beneficial. I look forward to sitting on a course of yours again in the future. JT

National Account Director

Steve is an accomplished leader in his own right, who also has the rare ability to help others uncover their leadership qualities. He has a clear, intelligent and entertaining style which builds confidence and inspires action. AW

Divisional Director

This was the best course I have ever attended. SM

Operations Manager