We'd like your views!

We'd like your views!

We keep hearing that salespeople don’t get proper inductions when they join companies, and we want to find out how true that is.

This survey will take less than five minutes and we’ll share the results with you if you’re interested.

We’re doing this partly because we want to see whether sales teams are ready for some of the challenges ahead, and also because we can’t find any information which gives us a good understanding of how induction and development are dealt with. If what we find can help you improve those key elements in your organisation, that will be a great outcome.

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High performing sports teams continuously work on improving performance, even if that improvement is measured in points of percentages. They assess their players against an agreed best practice, and use development activities which move them closer to consistent application of that best practice.

The managers and coaches have an intimate knowledge of the skills, discipline and motivation necessary to get the best out of the team. They are masters at getting the best out of others.

In business, salespeople and managers also need to do this successfully, as both rely on others taking action to achieve their objectives.

Through our work with professional sports teams, we have developed programmes which combine the inspiring and structured methodologies of sport with proven, practical business models.

Sporting Difference uses that unique combination to provide specialist sales and management training which equips attendees with the skills, and confidence, to lead others to take action.

Our training programmes include leadership skills, sales planning,  sales skills, motivation skills, account management, negotiation skills and many other elements which produce high performance in sales and management teams.


If you’d like to learn more simply call us on 02392 007025 or email info@sportingdifference.com

The programme Steve designed and delivered to our staff was the most successful in my 6 years as National Sales Manager. The 15% uplift in company performance was due to his innovative content and impactful style. Even our most experienced and cynical staff bought into the attitudes, concepts and skill improvements presented. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a sales or management trainer. SB

National Sales Manager

Excellent. Everything we went through was transferable and applicable to many levels of management in any industry. LB

Group Marketing Manager

Steve is an accomplished leader in his own right, who also has the rare ability to help others uncover their leadership qualities. He has a clear, intelligent and entertaining style which builds confidence and inspires action. AW

Divisional Director

This was the best course I have ever attended. SM

Operations Manager