Sales Skills Need Regular Development

Sales Skills Need Regular Development

Successful sales teams perform in the same way as successful sports teams.

They motivate themselves and others to take action, assume a high degree of personal responsibility and are able to perform under pressure. Great salespeople understand that their individual success is only of value if the team, and the company, achieves it’s objectives.

Their influence on all areas of the organisation is key. They cannot generate the revenue without the support of every other department, so they need to work effectively as part of a wider team.

Unlike successful sports teams, salespeople rarely practice their skills to ensure they are consistently at their peak. Somehow, in business, there never seems to be the time or the opportunity.

Also, for many salespeople, especially field based roles, the job can feel lonely at times and personal motivation can fluctuate.

Our programmes address all of these areas as well as the key skills needed to be consistently successful.


Core programmes include:

Sales Planning

The foundation of all selling. Ensuring that you are talking to the right person, at the right time, and objectively measuring the pipeline opportunities.

Sales Skills

Communication and customer expectation is evolving more rapidly now than at any other time in history. Salespeople must ensure they are adapting their approach accordingly.

Negotiation Skills

The fastest way to increase your profit without the need to sell more. Confidence is key and the tools and skills we deliver dramatically increases confidence.

Account Management

Predominantly for specialist teams, but also for field sales teams, to ensure a company’s largest clients are secure and developed effectively.

Every programme is designed to complement our clients business objectives and can be delivered in different ways. Typically the approach is broadly in line with one of three proven methods:

Training Only

If you have a robust process for embedding training within the workplace to ensure behavioural change, we can deliver training modules and support based around internal implementation activities.

Training & Implementation

As well as the delivery of the training, we employ a variety of support activities to ensure implementation. These can include a series of email or video messages which refresh and reinforce key areas in the months following the programme, as well as activities such as video calls/conferencing, podcasts, review meetings and telephone coaching.

Academy Development

This method takes many of the elements of training and implementation and totally embeds them into the fabric of the business. This requires us to work closely with your internal teams to ensure the programme is available to existing staff and new recruits on an ongoing basis. In essence, we hand over the full programme for you to use internally.

If you’d like more information then please call us on¬†02392 007025 we can explain more in a short conversation than can be learned from several hours of online exploration.

The programme Steve designed and delivered to our staff was the most successful in my 6 years as National Sales Manager. The 15% uplift in company performance was due to his innovative content and impactful style. Even our most experienced and cynical staff bought into the attitudes, concepts and skill improvements presented. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a sales or management trainer. SB

National Sales Manager

Excellent. Everything we went through was transferable and applicable to many levels of management in any industry. LB

Group Marketing Manager

Steve is an accomplished leader in his own right, who also has the rare ability to help others uncover their leadership qualities. He has a clear, intelligent and entertaining style which builds confidence and inspires action. AW

Divisional Director

This was the best course I have ever attended. SM

Operations Manager