Everyone knows great leaders bring out the best in people but how many have you worked for? None……one……more than one?More than one and you’re in a small minority as multiple surveys report that UK employees feel their boss does not get the best out of them. Alarmingly, a high percentage say the opposite and have left a role, or are planning to, because of their direct superior. As a result as many as 93% of UK employees say they are underperforming at work. That’s not good news, but it’s also not surprising when you consider that most managers face a daily dilemma of trying to make time for their team’s motivation and development needs when there’s a seemingly endless list of tasks to be completed.

Very few people promoted into management roles instinctively have good leadership skills, and it’s the people element of the role that is the hardest. Someone once said “We manage things, we lead people” and all the surveys and statistics point to the fact that UK managers spend too much time working on tasks (being a manager) and too little time getting the best out of their teams (being a leader). This has to change. We need those who are responsible for others to be less manager and more leader so, in order to help facilitate that change, we are today launching our “Be More Leader” initiative and you can join here.

This initiative is being created to:

  • Support managers in their transition to effective leadership
  • Demystify what good leadership looks like
  • Provide a community to share common issues
  • Get leadership skills higher up the priority list of organisations
  • Share relevant surveys and articles
  • Provide a platform to broadcast good examples of leadership
  • Deliver practical advice on how to be a better leader

That advice will be in the form of a series of free leadership videos which will deliver short, constructive lessons in how managers can improve team performance AND have a more motivated team by adopting some simple, effective leadership behaviours. The start of that series is available here as well as some more information on how you can benefit by being involved.

If there’s anyone you know who can benefit from, or contribute to, improving leadership then please make them aware of this initiative so they have the opportunity to be part of our drive to make a difference. I’m a realist, I don’t expect to change the world with this but maybe we can change what’s around us so we can all benefit from improved performance, increased motivation and enjoy greater rewards as a result. Here’s to more leaders!