Sponsors and Partners

Increase the ROI from your partnership agreement

Develop the skills of your teams

Offer your customers more than a matchday experience

Sponsors & Partners

Increase the ROI from your partnership agreement
Develop the skills of your teams
Offer your customers more than a matchday experience

Increase ROI

The value of investing in a relationship with a professional sports team can be difficult to measure, especially when team results are poor. We help you benefit from the structured approach to motivation and skills development inherent in every club to improve the performance of your business teams.

Develop Your People

Whether you want to turn your managers into leaders or increase the effectiveness of your sales team, we inspire and educate using a unique mix of sport and business to ensure your teams have the skills to perform at their peak and the desire to want to do so.

A Different Customer Experience

Some enjoy the matchday experience more than others, so what if your customers could see a tangible business benefit in joining you at the club? Joint development programmes give them access to a unique business training experience and further strengthens the relationship between your organisation and theirs.

Most people have enjoyed a motivational speech from a sportsperson, past or current, and the reaction is normally one of enjoyment and inspiration. However, they rarely provoke a change in behaviour so their impact is very limited.

We have studied and worked with sports team managers to understand what it takes to be a successful professional sportsperson, but we have also identified the key elements they focus on in order to achieve their success. This has enabled us to understand how those same elements can be used in a business environment to improve the performance of managers and salespeople.

Why those two groups?

Managers and saleseople both have to inspire and motivate others to take action in order to be successful. Exactly what the managers and coaches of sports teams do on a daily basis.

We combine the inspiration of sport and the practical application of business tools and skills to deliver a development programme which inspires AND changes behaviour.

If you are a partner of a club and would be interested in learning more about how we can help you improve your business performance through that relationship simply contact us on 02392 007025 or email info@sportingdifference.com

The programme Steve designed and delivered to our staff was the most successful in my 6 years as National Sales Manager. The 15% uplift in company performance was due to his innovative content and impactful style. Even our most experienced and cynical staff bought into the attitudes, concepts and skill improvements presented. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve as a sales or management trainer. SB

National Sales Manager

An enjoyable and thought provoking course which I thought was very beneficial. I look forward to sitting on a course of yours again in the future. JT

National Account Director

Steve is an accomplished leader in his own right, who also has the rare ability to help others uncover their leadership qualities. He has a clear, intelligent and entertaining style which builds confidence and inspires action. AW

Divisional Director

This was the best course I have ever attended. SM

Operations Manager